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A December Bride | Movie Review #2

I'm back with another Christmas movie review! Are you guys excited?? A December Bride is one of my favorite movies. It's not a new movie that premiered this year, but it is one to always remember.

A December Bride came out in 2017 and has been playing on Hallmark for every Countdown to Christmas special.

*Deirdre stop talking about how great the movie is and tell us what it is about!!*

I get it. I get it. The movie is about a girl named, Layla who was engaged, until her fiancé falls in love with her cousin at their engagement party. Ouch, right? Layla always wanted to be a December Bride, so when she got dumped before her wedding it was hard for her to open up to someone again. We flashback to the present where we find out that Layla's cousin and her ex-fiancé are getting married. She is debating whether she should go to the wedding - which I don't blame her.

SPOILER ALERT: She decides to go to her cousin's wedding with Seth, the guy that introduced Layla's cousin to her, now ex-fiancé and broke off her engagement. You can imagine the tension between them, but Layla didn't want to attend the wedding alone and Seth offered to take her.

To impress her ex-fiancé and cousin, Layla and Seth announce their fake engagement at the wedding. They are forced to keep up their pretense. However, when Seth and Layla start to spend more time together, feelings start to get more and more real between them.

There are so many amazing scenes in this movie where you can tell that Layla and Seth are falling for each other. It's adorable. I love, love. Don't you??

It is an amazing romantic Hallmark Christmas movie! I loved it so much and whenever it is playing on the Hallmark Channel, I am always cuddled in-between my blankets, watching it. It never gets old and it's a special Christmas movie.

You won't regret watching it!

The movie stars Daniel Lissing and Jessica Lowndes, who are amazing. Lissing is in some of my favorite Hallmark Christmas movies. He's a super talented actor.

Do you want to know if Layla's dream of becoming a December Bride comes true? Well, watch the movie because I'm not telling you!

xo Deirdre

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