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A Million Little Things - Season 1, Episode 8 & 9 Recaps

Episode 8: Fight or Flight

Let me start off by saying I am going to combine episode 8 and 9 because I fell behind on my shows. Needless to say, Christmas movies have consumed my life. Not even exaggerating. Lol.

Episode 8 was all about Maggie and her decision to not get treated for her cancer. As much as I see her reasoning...I don't agree with her decision. I was shocked that everyone in the friend group was okay with it. I know I wouldn't be. I take Gary's side.

I loved Gary's speech at the dinner party where he basically said he lost one friend because he couldn't see it, they all didn't see it. But, now they see and know that Maggie is dying and they are doing nothing about.

Best monologue I've seen on a show. How can you not agree with him, you know?? I wouldn't allow losing someone close to me knowing they could get treatment for it to get better.

I loved getting to know Maggie more in this episode - her nightmares were extremely vivid and at times even scary. I don't want to give too much away, but we found out that Maggie lost her brother in a car accident because he had been drinking. She blames herself because she wasn't there to stop him. Rome connected her traumatic story to why she doesn't want to get treatment for her cancer.

I don't know. I think it was unfair for her to ask Gary to be okay with her decision to die and let herself get close to him and his friends - knowing what everyone went through after Jon died. Don't you?? I love how Gary was trying so hard to fight for her to get better. It shows that he really cares about her.

After this episode, I couldn't help but think, why won't Maggie fight for her amazing life? Why does she want to leave it all behind? Her brother, Chad, wouldn't want that for her. We saw this in her last nightmare. All Chad wants is for Maggie to be happy and to know that his death wasn't her fault.

Because it wasn't and it never is.


Episode 9: Perspective

The flashbacks in this episode killed me! I always cry when I watch A Million Little Things. The stories are so touching and heartfelt that I can't help it. Gary telling the boys he has breast cancer and then Jon visiting him everyday while he was in recovery. UGH.

The fact that Jon knew Gary was going to beat his cancer and live longer than him honestly gave me chills.

Oh. With all my excitement about the show, I didn't even mention what episode 9 was about. This episode revolves around Gary for being one year cancer free. Yayy! Finally some good news. I love how all of his friends didn't make a big deal about it, but then threw him a surprise party.

I can't believe Maggie showed up since they weren't on talking terms.

Side note, I love how Katherine is open to finding love again with her colleague Hunter! He seems super nice and they get along so well. Plus, they make a cute couple. Right??

Also, can I just say that Theo is the cutest kid I have ever seen in my entire life and I want him to be mine *heart eyes emoji*.

There are so many stories to follow in this show and I love it. I can't believe Delilah is pregnant with Eddie's baby and lying about it, saying it's Jon's. I don't like it. It is just another secret that they are keeping from their friends that they are probably going to find out about.

I can't believe Eddie is going to go on tour!! Good for him. I think he needs this. OMG. Can we talk about Gary hooking up with Jon's assistant, Ashley?? I did not see that one coming. She's beautiful and smart but I don't fully trust her. We'll see what happens when Maggie finds out.

The ending of this episode was my favorite because Maggie decided to change her mind and get treatment and I love that. Go, Maggie! You have a great support system when times get rough.

The season finale of A Million Little Things is going to be life-changing. I can't wait to watch it!

xo Deirdre

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