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book review #5

riot house by callie hart

are you ready to join the riot? because i wasn’t sure if i was ready to join until i read the synopsis of this book.

it will take you on a wild ride. believe me when i tell you that.

this book is a dark romance - the bully wants the good girl type of vibe. but, i wouldn’t say the girl is super innocent herself. but she does have a dark troubled past.

riot house is the love story about eloide and wren.

this story is dual point of you. i always love books like this because you can see inside the heads of both characters and what they are thinking.

elodie moved from tel aviv to new hampshire, to attend wolf hall academy which is a boarding school.

wren wants to bring hell to elodie and her experience at the academy. as far as he is concerned, the newest student is unwelcome. he wants to make her life miserable and as a riot house boy, he can because he rules the school, along with dashiell and pax.

but, what happens when elodie doesn’t give into his games?

naturally, wren gets frustrated and obsessive over elodie and wants to hang out with her more because that makes sense. right…? 😂

elodie and wren both have very dark secrets and i feel like that’s why their connection is so genuine.

i really enjoyed this book and i definitely recommend it to you if you like dark romance novels. i will say, it was difficult for me to read at some points. and i sadly lost interest in some chapters. but, i still couldn’t put it down.

there were a lot of twists and turns in the book, especially towards the end, which i LOVED. i literally couldn’t stop reading.

riot house is part of the crooked sinners series.

there are two other books about the two other boys in the riot house - dashiell and pax.

i will most likely read their stories as well. 🙂 but not for my next read. i’ve been reading a lot of dark romance lately.

i am ready for a book that will give me ALL THE FEELS.

next read:

when we were reckless by emery rose 🌹

i am so excited for this book!!

also, i completed my reading goal for this year. YAY me.

xo deirdre 🤍

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