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book review #6

when we were reckless by emery rose 🌹

as i am literally on my death bed, drinking my tea, i thought it be a good idea to write about the book i recently finished.

naturally, right?

so, i read, when we were reckless by emery rose. it is the third book in the lost stars series. you can read it has a standalone, but i wouldn’t recommend it because the characters are intertwined through the book.

the first book in the series is called, when the stars fall (book 1). this book follows jude mccallister and it‘s a second chance romance.

the second book in the series is called, when the storm breaks (book 2). this book follows brody mccalister and it’s an opposites attract romance. cowboy meets rockstar type of vibe. it‘s so so good!!

when we were reckless follows another mccalister brother and that’s jesse. he followed his career in motocross and became super successful, despite what his family thought. they were upset that he didn‘t get a degree.

jesse was in a relationship for a few years before it all went south! so, he went back home for the summer where he came face to face with quinn, his best friend‘s little sister.

do we see where i’m going with this? if you couldn’t have guessed by now, this is an age-gap, brother‘s best friend romance!!!!! i literally love this trope 😭. can’t get enough of it. the age different was a lot at first, but it‘s fine. totally fine…? lol.

our baby quinn has been in love with jesse since she was a little girl, but of course he doesn’t know that. duhhh. dual pov gold.

there is a lot of angst and sexual tension between jesse and quinn because it’s supposed to be forbidden. she’s too young for him. but something kept pulling him to her. it really is a cute love story.

they come up with a deal to give into what they are feeling, but only sexually. they would just be a summer fling, then after summer, it will end. that’s it. they would be over. but is it ever really over? no 😏.

and the little gifts each day that jesse would leave quinn while she was in college. 😩 i died. it was so adorable.

you guys have to read this series! don’t sleep on emery rose and the lost stars series!!! i’m forreal. i couldn‘t put the book down.

next read:

corrupt by penelope douglas ☠️

penelope douglas is the queen of smut, so i know the devils night series won’t disappoint me! i’ve been putting off this series for a while. but, i am ready for the hot, dirty, spice!! 🥵🌶

wish me luck.

xo deirdre 🤍

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