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book review #7

so…i read a lot of books since the last time i wrote a book review…lol. are we surprised? let’s start over. i promise to do better.

the rebel by sophie lark 😈

sophie lark is the queen for dark mafia romance and i love her writing style. she is definitely one of my author inspirations. so, the rebel is the second book in the kingmakers series. it is a series based off the brutal birthright series by sophie lark. the children from these mafia families go to an elite school all about the mafia.

you must read the brutal birthright series before the kingmakers series. i mean, you don’t have to, but it’s so good you won’t regret it.


anyway…the rebel is about miles griffin, zoe romero, cat romero and rocco prince…who we hate. zoe is in a marriage contract with rocco. both of their families agreed to this because they wanted to be allies and make money. that’s all they ever want. money.

but, rocco is a piece of work. he is an asshole who doesn’t look at zoe as his fiancé. rocco looks at zoe like she is a piece of property and is constantly abusing and assaulting her. what the fuck, right?

miles loves a challenge and he sees zoe at kingmakers and immediately is attracted to her because she is a strong, beautiful female. and he wants her. miles does not care that she has a marriage contract with rocco.

the more miles and zoe hang out…the closer they get and they realize that they are falling for each other. now, rocco is not happy about this. obviously.

so, rocco does try to create different obstacles to push them away from each other. but, their love for each other has become so strong that it doesn‘t work.

miles makes a promise to zoe that he will save her from rocco and get rid of the marriage contract. zoe wants to believe him…but she does have her doubts.

however, miles is a genius and a rule breaker and he does figure out how to save the love of his life.

this part of the book was super cute.

with the marriage contract gone and the princes and romeros making more money than they can count, everything is dandy, right? wrong.

as long as rocco is alive, zoe and miles are not safe. and the only person that seems to realize this is cat, zoe’s sister.

cat was not originally suppose to go to kingmakers, but rocco convinced their father to make cat attend.

one day, cat overheard rocco and his friends planning to get back at zoe and miles and in that moment she realized the only way that her sister would be safe is if rocco was dead. so, the shy queen constructed a plan to murder rocco…ALL BY HERSELF. i mean…i loved it.

it was so good. i was honestly so impressed. she was brave, smart, and created the perfect way to take him out.


overall, the rebel by sophie lark was a master piece. there were so many twists and turns. i was reading things that i didn’t expect to happen and i love when a book does that.

but, honestly , you can’t go wrong with anything sophie lark has written. she is truly amazing.

i am taking a break from the kingmakers series. i am starting the good girl series by holly renee. i am so excited 😀.

the first book is brother’s best friend trope and i am here for it!!

next read:

where good girls go to die by holly renee 🍒😈🤍

xo deirdre

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