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Christian Grey, Who? | Movie Review #8

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Don't get me wrong, I love Christian Grey and the Fifty Shades movies were spectacular. The trilogy was similar to the books.

BUT, the new movie that came out on Netflix last weekend, 365 DNI...oh my god. It puts Fifty Shades to shame. I'm sorry.

Between the two movies, Fifty Shades definitely has the better story line. Way better. That's what I really love about the movies and the books. With that being said, the sex scenes in 365 DNI, 1000% better than Fifty Shades. Yeah, the sex scenes are so unrealistic but you can't look away...

I would say the sex scenes in Fifty Shades are a little more realistic, for being an exotic film.

So, what is 365 DNI about? I'll tell you. The polish film is about Massimo (Michele Morrone), a Sicilian Mafia leader who kidnaps Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka), a sales director and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him.

The soundtrack of both movies are amazing, but I feel that the songs in 365 DNI are a tad better because Michele Morrone sang a couple of songs for the movie. And yes, I know Jamie Doran, who played Christian Grey, sang in Fifty Shades Freed. But, he did not come out with a whole ass album. So...yeah.

The novels for the movie 365 DNI are currently being translated and there is going to be a fourth book added to the series. I cannot wait to read them!

It's safe to say the Fifty Shades Trilogy has a little competition. Competition is good though, right? *smirks*

I am going on the 365 DNI journey. Are you coming with me? Also, writing this blog post makes me want to watch Fifty Shades. So, I know what I'll be doing today. LOL.

xo Deirdre

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