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Christmas at the Palace | Movie Review #4

The Countdown to Christmas wouldn't be the same on the Hallmark Channel without a royal romance. Christmas at the Palace premiered on November 22 and it definitely needs to be on your watch radar.

Do you want to know what this magical Christmas movie is about?? Ah, I know you do.

Katie is a former professional ice skater, who got injured, so she enjoys her passion for the ice by teaching people how to ice skate. Unexpectedly, Katie is hired by the king of San Senova, Alexander, to help his daughter learn the performance for the Christmas ice skating pageant.

While spending time in the palace, Katie starts to develop feelings for the king, but are those feelings reciprocated?? I have to admit at first it was hard to tell. But, when you watch you'll see how the king opens his heart. It's actually quite sweet.

I love Hallmark movies that have a Christmas grinch, and then a young woman comes along to spread Christmas cheer. It makes for a beautiful love story.

Slowly, Katie helps Alex gain Christmas spirit. She helped him pick out presents for the staff at the palace, gifts that were sentimental and personal. Katie even helped him find the joy in decorating a Christmas tree, even though he couldn't untangle the lights. But, who can?? That's the hardest part. Right??

In this movie, there are so many funny moments that will make you laugh. My favorite scene is in the beginning when Katie doesn't realize that Alex is the king and starts talking to him, asking what the king is like. I also love when they first meet and Alex is about to give a speech, but Katie thinks he's hiding. Another one of my favorite scenes is when Katie, Alex and his daughter go Christmas tree shopping. It was so cute. His daughter wanted to make sure that she picked out the perfect one & that she did!

With any Hallmark Christmas movies, there are so many adorable and special scenes that I can't get enough of. I'm a hopeless romantic, so I love movies that are filled with love and corny quotes :).

Personally, I think Katie and Alex started falling for each other when it was late and they both couldn't sleep, so they stayed up drinking hot chocolate (this scene was super cute - another one of my favorites).

Let me know if I'm not alone in this!

Christmas at the palace stars Merritt Patterson and Andrew Cooper who are phenomenal at acting. Another great Hallmark Christmas movie premiere this year! I hope next year will be able to top it.

Don't forget to watch this Christmas love story!!

xo Deirdre

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