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Christmas came early this year

My boyfriend swears that he bought the Nintendo Switch for me as an "early Christmas present" when in reality he decided to splurge on it for himself because he wanted the limited edition bundle.

Whether it was for me or him - I could care less. I'm happy that we finally have one. & the limited edition Nintendo Switch bundle was worth waiting for.

I have to say I'm not a big gamer, but the games that are dropping for the switch are sick!

Now that we have a switch, the one game that is on my Christmas list is Super Mario Odyssey. However, if I can't wait til Christmas, it's a good thing that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are literally around the corner!

I need to get a switch game ASAP because my boyfriend said,

"You can't purchase a phone case until you purchase a game."

& if any of you out there know me, then you must know how much I am STRUGGLING.

xo Deirdre

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