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Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa | Movie Review #1

This time of year is extra special because of the Christmas movies on Hallmark, Lifetime, and Freeform channels!

I wanted to create a new category specifically for movies because I am a sucker for a good movie - especially around the holidays.

The first Christmas movie that I want to talk about is Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa. I don't think a Christmas movie will ever top this one for me. It was AMAZING and it had a different plot than other Hallmark movies. It came out this year and premiered on November 18.

It is a sequel to Christmas in Evergreen. Even though you don't have to watch the first one to watch the second one, I would recommend it. I still have to watch the first one myself. The first movie is about a small-down girl, Allie, who got stuck in the airport on her way to Washington D.C. While Allie is stuck at the airport, she meets a stranger and his daughter who were on there way to Florida, until they got trapped in the airport as well. All three of them are in for a magical Christmas adventure when they drive into Evergreen until they can make it to the airport and get to their destinations. I need to watch this movie ASAP.

Now, Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa is one of the Christmas movies that you can't miss out on. This movie is about a woman named, Lisa. She returns to her childhood home, Evergreen, for the holidays determined to save the town's beloved general store. While she is there she falls in love with the town all over again and doesn't want to leave. Lisa also found love in Evergreen with the local construction worker. What is a Hallmark Christmas movie without a bit of romance?? Honestly, this movie had the best twists and turns. I found myself yelling at the television and gasping at shocking scenes that I didn't expect. Usually, Hallmark movies don't make me react as much as I did with Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa. Without giving too much away, I will say the town was not how Lisa remembered it - the Christmas traditions that were once celebrated every year, no longer existed. She wanted to bring back Evergreen's Christmas traditions. Did she succeed or not?? You will have to watch the movie for yourself to find out.

WARNING: You will fall in love with the town Evergreen and will want to visit a town with that much Christmas spirit.

Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa will air on the Hallmark Channel at 10 PM on Nov. 23, at 4 PM on Nov. 24 and at 8 PM on Nov. 28!


Let me know if you watch the first movie, the second or both! :) & that's a wrap for my first movie review - hope you enjoyed.

xo Deirdre

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