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Dancing with the Stars - Season 27 Finale

What a crazy season of Dancing with the Stars, am I right?? There were so many unexpected twists and turns this season. This was the best season finale I've seen so far.

I don't know about you guys, but I am shocked that Bobby Bones won.

Surprisingly, I'm not upset about it though. Do I wish Alexis and Alan won or Milo and Witney?? Of course. However, Sharna deserved to win the mirrorball. It was her first win in 6 years! That is unbelievable.

Everyone in the final four: Alexis, Milo, Evanna, and Bobby worked extremely hard to get to the finale and it showed each week. Bobby won, not from his dancing skills, but by the support of his people.

It's so inspiring to see this on Dancing with the Stars because we all expect someone with dancing experience or someone who showed the most improvement would win the show. This season that was not the case. He was the fan-favorite and from the finale last night I can see why. Bobby and Sharna danced to "The Greatest Show" by Panic! At The Disco. His freestyle was amazing, but most importantly it was him. He stayed true to himself throughout the entire competition. Bobby had ONE of the best freestyles last night.

Even though Bobby's freestyle was one of the best from the finale - it wasn't my favorite. My favorite freestyle was Milo and Witney's! This team danced to "Ain't No Sunshine (Lido Remix)" by Bill Withers. Milo improved a lot in this competition and his freestyle proves it. The song, the musicality, everything about it was LIT. Personally, I think Milo had one of the best freestyles on Dancing with the Stars. They should have won. I was so sure they were going to win.

The dance with all the passion was in Alexis and Alan's freestyle. They danced to "Head Above Water" by Avril Lavigne. I love these two because they were in tune with their feelings and opened their hearts throughout the competition and found love. It's beautiful. They shared a kiss on television!! SO CUTE. My heart melts for these two. I absolutely loved Alexis and Alan's freestyle, but I also loved the stories they shared in their packages each week.

I can't believe Dancing with the Stars is over! What am I going to do Monday nights now??

On that note, a huge congratulations to Bobby Bones and Sharna Burgess on winning the mirrorball!

& Until next season, I guess... 😞

xo Deirdre

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