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Do you want to laugh?

Here's a funny story for you, maybe it will brighten your gloomy day - if you are having one.

Usually every weekend, my mother and I take a trip to the laundromat because we have to wash too many clothes and our washer/dryer machine isn't big enough. We'd have a lot of loads to go through and it would practically take all day.

Apparently when my mother was packing the clothes that she wants to wash, she didn't look at what else she was throwing into her laundry bag.

We get to the laundromat and every large washer is full, so we have to wait half an hour. Annoying. Once half an hour passed, we load all of our clothes into three washers. Mind you, my mother still hasn't looked inside her laundry bag. She was just shoving everything in the machine.

You may be wondering, so what?! She was putting her clothes to wash, but no. While the washer was going, I look in the machine and I see her car keys spinning around in soap and water.

But that's not everything in the washer. All the things she purchased from the dollar store, soaked. She picked up the entire dollar store bag, mixed it with her clothes and didn't even notice.

My mother and I stand in the middle of the laundromat hysterically laughing for 10 minutes.

Did I mention that one of her purchases from the dollar store were a bag of Haribo Gummy Bears? Yes, we indeed ate them. Haribo's packaging is amazing - didn't even taste the detergent.

Oh! I should mention that this isn't the first time she washed her car keys.

xo Deirdre

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