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Grab your red wine & let's talk Grey's Anatomy

Thursday nights are not the same if you are not laying in bed with red wine in your hand, cuddled up in blankets and watching Grey's Anatomy. Am I right?

I don't know what to think about this love triangle that is going to start brewing with Teddy, Owen and Amelia! What do you guys think?? Do you think it is going to end well?? On the brighter side, I think it is adorable that Amelia and Owen are playing house. They are so cute as a family, aren't they? The only answer to that question is, yes!

I was laughing out loud when Amelia and Owen spent their entire morning and afternoon waiting outside to make sure Betty, the teenage addict Amelia is mentoring, didn't leave school to go get high. So related because parents actual do that! I mean, maybe not for the same reasons. Once my mother followed my school bus to make sure I made it to school on time because it was my first time taking the bus, (thanks mother, for that one!).

Seriously, though can we talk about how Teddy is pregnant with Owen's baby??? That was such a plot twist and in a weird way I'm excited for this storyline to play out because all Owen ever wanted was a baby of his own. I wonder what Amelia is going to think about this. I can't wait for next week! I hope Teddy actually tells him and doesn't run again.

What else happened on Grey's Anatomy this week?? Hm, let me think...OHH.


I love Jackson, but how dare he come back to Maggie and act like everything is fine and nothing changed...granted he doesn't know how hurt Maggie was when he left. I hope he tells her!

I will leave you with this thought until next week's episode: I love Mr. & Mrs. Karev! :)

xo Deirdre

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