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Gym, Who??

This post is dedicated to the gym - maybe after posting this article, I'll feel bad for myself and step foot inside the gym again.

I would say I haven't been to the gym because I'm not feeling well, but that would be a lie. Even before I got sick, I wasn't going to the gym. At first, I didn't mind going to the gym. Then, employees at my gym started to "harass me" to partake in a free training session. Every time I was on a machine I had to stop it, so I could talk to them. I didn't want to fall and bust my ass.

You must be thinking, 'Wow a free training session? That sounds great!' & yes I agree with you. But, if I say no the first time I don't expect you to come up to me the next day and ask me again. They already had my answer - maybe they thought I would change my mind? I don't know.

The few times that I went with my boyfriend, no one came up to me. Thank god. However, I am scared to risk it and go by myself. I have been wanting to go back to the gym though. Especially after eating A LOT of junk from being sick.

Once I feel better and get the flu shot, I will create a proper gym schedule for myself and maybe even a gym routine of what exercises I want to do at the gym. If you have any, share them with me! Please :).

Soon I'll be working out regularly and eating healthy - well somewhat healthy. I have trouble dieting...I think everyone does. Or is it just me??

Oh! You know, gym clothes tend to motivate someone to start a healthy lifestyle. Maybe that's what I need?? I've been wanting to sign up as a VIP for Fabletics! The gym clothes on their website are super cute.

xo Deirdre

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