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Halloween Looks in the beauty community

It's official!! Halloween looks have started to takeover my YouTube feed. I love these types of videos on YouTube. They are so much fun to watch and I could get lost in a thousand halloween make-up looks.

Would I attempt to recreate them?? Oh no, never. My look will come out completely different from theirs.

One of my favorite beauty queens on YouTube is Nicole Guerriero. Her halloween looks are SO good!! You guys have to check her channel out :). I'm being serious.

Another YouTuber that creates amazing halloween looks is James Charles - sister. (He literally says that after everything, incase you didn't get the reference). His mermaid look that he recently put up on his channel is EVERYTHING. I'm obsessed. James Charles also did a halloween video with Kylie Jenner, so there's that it.

Check out the halloween looks on YouTube from the beauty gurus before October is over and they disappear for another year!

xo Deirdre

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