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Hi, Did you miss me??

I haven't posted in awhile & I am sorry! I got really sick the past few days. On top of being sick, I was also binging Hallmark Christmas movies. Totally obsessed, btw.

We are back on a regular schedule where I will be posting everyday. So many exciting posts are coming!! I don't want to give away hints, however, there will be two fall finale recaps coming this week. GET EXCITED.

I have plenty of other blog posts planned, but I'm keeping them a secret. Stay tuned for amazing content & thank you for baring with me while I was feeling under the weather. I appreciate it. I'm feeling so much better & more motivated to post ❤️.

OMG! How did everyone survive our first snow storm of the season?! I hope everyone got home safe from work and school.

P.S. Would you guys be interested in a category all about movie reviews?? I could talk about the best Hallmark Christmas movies around the holidays and other movies that are a must see - during the holidays or not. Let me know!

xo Deirdre

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