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How To Curl Short Hair

Ever since I cut my hair short, I have been having a hard time styling it. When you go to the salon, the hair dresser styles your hair perfectly. But trying to style it at home is a different story.

Instead of leaving my hair wavy (it gets too frizzy), I decided to curl it. Even though it was a struggle, my hair didn't come out bad!! I was actually very proud of myself.

If you have short hair and want to know how to style it, I'm here to help you.

I don't section off my hair too much because there are some hair pieces that I won't be able to get to and that's okay. The pieces you can't reach will be hiding under the rest of your hair, so no one will see it. I wouldn't worry about it.

To start, I split my hair in two sections - the top and the bottom. I tie the top into a bun and begin with the bottom part of my hair.

Photo by Deirdre St. John

Take large chunks of hair and wrap it around the curling wand. Be careful! Since your hair is short, it will be easier to burn yourself. Count to ten and let your hair fall of the wand.

Photo by Deirdre St. John

I curl my hair with the wand facing toward me because I like how the curls turn out, if you want to curl your hair with the wand facing away from your face that is perfectly fine too - if it's what you prefer.

Once the bottom layer is complete, you can repeat the steps with the top layer. Super simple!! :)

After curling, your hair should look something like this! I have to warn you, the hairstyle is puffy and will get in your way, but it comes out adorable. & that is what matters.

I've been styling my hair this way everyday and although it's not as good as a salon works for me.

xo Deirdre

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