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jefferey dahmer, you sick f*ck!!

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one thing y'all need to know about me is i DO NOT watch scary shit because i will have nightmares. but, when netflix dropped the jefferey dahmer series...i was super intrigued.

i had this instinct to binge the series. i wanted to know how and why he was so messed up. i mean this dude ATE his victims. like, what?? that's crazy.

when i first started watching the series, i didn't know much about dahmer or his story. this series on netflix goes into detail about him and his life.


i found it interesting that we got to see how dahmer chose his victims, brought them back to his grandmother's house or his apartment, took pictures of them and drugged them.

not once did he change the cycle. it was the same

routine over and over again.

i loved how the series started with his potentially last victim, who actually got away, which is how dahmer was finally caught. and then we go into the flashbacks of his life. that was filmed and edited brilliantly.

we also got to see one of his victims, who was already drugged but he managed to get away from dahmer.

it sucks because dahmer was a charming man, so he was able to convince the police that his victim was in fact his "lover" and he drank too much. the worst part is those police officers got suspended with paid leave. how??

the whole series was devastating, but the one episode that destroyed me was about dahmer's 12th victim, tony hughes. he was a deaf and mute man.

yeah...this episode gutted me. gutted me to the point where i had to stop watching and step away from the series.

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