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let’s talk love island 🏝

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i. am. obsessed.

love island uk or love island usa. it doesn’t matter. i am completely invested.

the show is about finding love and winning money—what more could you want in life other than love and money?

it’s plays on tv seven days a week. are we kidding?! granted i am a couple days behind on both shows, but it’s hard to keep up!!

if you love the drama of watching people find love on television than this show is definitely for you. i don’t regret wasting my afternoons watching love island, while cuddled up on the couch with my favorite blanket.

• w a r n i n g •

you will get invested in the couples and when they fuck up their relationship, you will feel responsible for it.

i’m kidding.

that might just be me.


seriously. you need to watch this show. i have no doubt that you will become equally obsessed, if not more!

you can watch love island usa on peacock and love island uk on hulu.

watch it, amigas! you will not regret it. it’s addicting. 😊

xo deirdre 🤍

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