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Meet Coco!

I'm so happy that I can finally introduce you guys to my handsome bully, Coco. He is an old english bulldog and we purchased him from a breeder. Coco is one year old and four months! He is getting so big...

Photo by Deirdre St. John

I may be biased....but I think he is the cutest dog on this planet! Lol. I guess you could say I am a proud dog mom.

He is so lovable and loves to play, however don't let that fool you because he can get real feisty when he wants to.

Obviously, Coco is the cutest when he is sleeping. The best is when we are both cuddling and he farts in my face - love that.

*rolls eyes*

Coco has some exciting news to share with you all tomorrow that will help you get to know him better! We can't wait to spill our announcement :).

- luv, coco & deirdre

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