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Monster Purple Nails

Coming into this year, it was definitely a struggle in the nail department. First world I right? LOL.

I didn't post my nails from December, mostly because I kept breaking them and they didn't look perfect 24/7.

Here is a picture of my Pretty Pink Nails before all hell broke loose...literally

Photo by: Deirdre St. John

I don't know why it was so hard for me to keep my nails in one piece. LOL. It's something that I have to laugh about now going into the New Year.

And I told myself I would be careful from now on.

I had this design for about a week until I broke two of my nails on my left hand by trying to unbuckle the passenger seatbelt in my car. Don't ask....please.

TO this day I still can't believe I broke those two nails by trying to unbuckle a damn seatbelt.

I went to get them fixed.

Then on New Year's Eve, I broke my thumb nail on my right hand. That one was my dog's fault. I was taking my dog out for a bathroom break and I was holding the leash in a weird way, so when he saw a stranger coming toward us, he started barking like crazy.

Thankfully, I was able to stop him from barking or running after him, but I lost my nail as a consequence.

I really didn't want to wait a week to get my nails done again. However, I sucked it up and did. *pats self on back*

With loss and tragedy, we eventually win, so.....

Here are, the mother fucking, new nails.....

Photo by: Deirdre St. John

For those who are curious, my watch band is from Casetify. I'll link it here in case you want the same one!

Photo by: Deirdre St. John

My nail girl came in clutch. I love them so much. I think these are my favorite nails by far.

Thanks for sticking around!

I will see you soon...I hope this new year will treat everyone better than the last one did.

xo Deirdre

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