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My Dog Ran Away

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Yes. You did read that title right. My dog, Coco, loves to run away all the time when he gets the chance. We always find him close to home, but last weekend he really scared the crap out of me.

Damn dog.

Let me start by saying, we recently got a new leash for Coco (trust me, this is relevant to the story). It's a leash that attaches to his collar and wraps around his waist.

So, my boyfriend and I are out running errands when he gets a call from his mother. She's super calm because Coco runs away all the time right? Well, she proceeds to tell him that she didn't know what direction he went.

Fine. We drive back home and look for him around the apartment. He's nowhere to be found. I start to think the worst at this point. I'm thinking he's a goner.

Mind you, he doesn't have his collar on (because it was locked in our room, whoops). So, people might assume he's a stray dog roaming the street.

30 minutes later, we found him in the lake behind my boyfriend's apartment. Coco is soaked and muddy. It was hot that weekend, so I guess he wanted to cool off.

"I couldn't see him at first. All I heard was splashing in the lake. I was yelling Coco until he finally saw me and started swimming toward me." - My boyfriend

After this experience, he wears his collar every day and we do not take it off for any reason.

By the way, I am still traumatized.

- luv, coco & deirdre

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