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My Skin Care Routine

I've never been big on skin care, ever. I would only use a makeup wipe to take off my makeup and call it a day.

But, I noticed my skin breaking out more than usual, naturally I got concerned. I wondered to myself why I was breaking out when I was "washing" my makeup off.

*Note: wiping of your makeup with a makeup wipe doesn't take off all of your makeup*

So, when I eventually stopped wondering why my skin was acting up, I took my butt to Walmart to invest in some good skin care products.

My favorite skin care line is the Clean & Clear. Actually, I only say it's my favorite because it's the only skin care line that I've ever used. In the morning I was my face with Clean & Clear Morning Burst.

Photo by Deirdre St John

It definitely wakes me up! At night, after a long day, I use the Night Relaxing Deep Cleaning face wash. I love it.

Photo by Deirdre St John

Skin care can get expensive, that's why I stick to the products that I know and never expand beyond that. You don't need expensive products to clear up your skin, you just need to be consistent; this is my problem. I am not consistent with my skin care routine. I'm not going to give any excuses, but sometimes I'm lazy. What can I say?

Do you want to see results from your skin care routine? I suggest you to invest in a Clarisonic. I have the Mia 2 and I love it a lot. If you are interested, the Clarisonic I use is this one. It's amazing and makes the process of washing my face better and less of a chore.

Once you have a cleansing facial brush, my routine is pretty simple to follow. I have a morning cleanser and a night cleanser. Obviously, depending on the time of day, you pick which one to use.

In the morning, I wet my Clarisonic with warm water and pump the morning facial cleanser on top of the brush. I start the brush and keep going until it stops. What I love about the Mia 2 is it will beep, letting you know to move to another section of your face. It beeps four times before turning off automatically. Awesome, right??

After cleansing my face, I'll wash it off with warm water. The next step is toner. It was hard for me to find the perfect toner for my skin because a lot of toners are very strong and irritating. The toner that was right for me is the Masqueology Gold Toner. I swear by this stuff. It makes your skin feel refreshed without the stinging sensation.

Photo by Deirdre St John

The last step is to moisturize, which is probably the most important step, I think. I moisturize my face with the Soothing 3-in-1 Rose Water Moisturizer & Face Mask. Literally, I swear by this stuff. I got my mother to use it too! It smells amazing. My face is baby soft after putting this on! If you've learned anything from this post, it's that I'm lazy and I absolutely LOVE the rose water moisturizer.

Something else that I've added to my routine is doing a face mask once a week. Face masks are my jam! Especially the ones that you can peel off - it's so satisfying.

Photo by Deirdre St John

Can you tell that I like the Freeman brand or no? ;)

All the skincare products that I mentioned in this post can be found at Walmart or you can order them online.

xo Deirdre

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