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Natural Makeup Looks Are My Favorite

I love love love Nicole Guerriero. How great is the intro to her video?? LOL. This is totally me when there is a fly in my room.

This is the typical look that I would do everyday. I usually use one or two different eye shadows. For a natural look like this one, I love using matte eye shadows. The palette that I use for my matte eye shadows is from elf. I love elf products - they are cheap and great quality.

On a random thought, I always forget to wet my beauty blender too. I just had to mention that because Guerriero forgot. Hehe.

Stephanie Ledda, also from YouTube, recently uploaded her simple makeup tutorial. I love this look as well.

How cute is she?? Her makeup tutorials are amazing! In this look, she didn't focus on the eyes. This is another typical look that I would create. However, I rarely use mascara and I almost always put color on my eyes because my eyes would look naked without it. To each their own - of course.

I promise I'll start taking pictures of my makeup looks and publishing them on my blog for you guys. When I do my makeup, I always forget to take pictures. Oops.

xo Deirdre

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