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New Amsterdam - Season 1, Episode 9 Fall Finale Recap

Updated: May 6, 2020

As Long As It Takes

Another medical show has hit our television screens and I'll say it's one of the greatest doctor shows I've seen since Grey's Anatomy and The Good Doctor. The fall finale of New Amsterdam had me in my feelings (as Drake would say) *cue song.* But, on a serious note this fall finale was amazing! What did ya'll think of it?? I would love to hear what you thought.

If you don't follow the show then you wouldn't know that the medical director, Max Goodwin has cancer. That doesn't stop him from tearing down America's oldest public hospital to provide exceptional care to all of the patients under the hospitals roof. The doctors and staff don't believe him because they've heard all of these promises before. However, Max Goodwin will stop at nothing to make his staff happy - even if that means putting his treatment aside.

It speaks volumes for his character that he thinks about the hospital, his patients, the doctors, his wife and staff before himself. I love that about him, but I also need him to get better and fight the cancer.

The fact that he doesn't want to partake in chemo disappoints me, however, I understand his reasoning for it. He doesn't want his staff to see him struggling and he wants to keep doing what he loves - being medical director and caring for his wife. So, he begs his doctor to add him to a clinical trial that will "try" to fight off the cancer without showing any symptoms. Sounds nice, right?? There's a catch. Obviously, the clinical trial is not guaranteed to cure his cancer like chemo. Max believes that participating in this trial will give him a chance to live a normal life.

Aside from Max's decision about chemo, we find out something important that happened in his life - something that we didn't know about his sister, Luna Goodwin (such a beautiful name, right??).

Luna was a patient at New Amsterdam, but she passed. However, she was an organ donor. Her heart was able to beat in someone else's chest and gave them a wonderful life, until time ran out.

When the recipient of Luna's heart came into the hospital, Max started to get worried because his sister's heart was failing and he was determined to save it. But, could he??

Once Max realized that he couldn't save the hear, he settled for the next best thing - a transplant. Max was told that the patient was too weak for surgery, let alone a transplant. She needed to pass three PTT (Partial Thromboplastin Time) tests in a row to be considered.

After many failed attempts, Luna finally came through and the patient passed three PTT tests in a row. We love a sweet miracle. Gosh, I love this show so much. The storytelling is phenomenal.

How about the New Amsterdam fall finale ending?? UGH. I can't. Max Goodwin received the ashes of Luna's heart and decided to drive up to the lake where his sister's funeral took place with his wife. He poured her ashes into the lake. This is where it gets sad. (*grab your tissues*)

While Max's wife is setting up food and drinks on the picnic table for their peaceful afternoon at the lake, Max, who is still standing on the dock by the water suddenly falls. It was so sad and OF COURSE they are in the middle of no where. Perfect timing.

That's how it ends! Why do these shows do this to me??

xo Deirdre

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