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No Grey's Anatomy, Station 19 or How To Get Away With Murder - So, Let's Recap the Finales

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

I know you guys are missing TGIT as much as I am - which is why I decided to wait on this recap, until now, of course.

Grey's Anatomy

In my opinion, this fall finale of Grey's Anatomy was the best I've ever seen & that's saying a lot because this show has KILLER finales each season. I loved the idea of the horrific Seattle Storm - it was clever and definitely a disaster we haven't seen yet.

I have two favorite parts from this finale. The first one is how DeLuca was brave enough to confess his feelings for Meredith. I was secretly shipping this couple after they shared a kiss at Karev's wedding. My second favorite part from this finale was when the elevator breaks down and certain people get stuck together. It's Meredith and DeLuca stuck on one floor. Amelia, Owen and Teddy on another floor. Then it's Bailey with a resident and a patient. SO GOOD.

I wonder what's going to happen in the elevators. Is the patient going to die?? Are Meredith and DeLuca going to kiss again?? Maybe even make-out?? And then the dire question: is Owen going to tell Amelia that Teddy is pregnant with his baby?? I don't know! I have so many questions.

Another amazing scene from the Grey's Anatomy finale was Richard's speech to Bailey about pushing away things that she loves and cares for such as her job and her husband. I thought his monologue was powerful because then he said, "what's next, Tucker?" UGH. Amazing. I lived for that speech.

I also think it wasn't Maggie's place to tell Jackson that his mother has cancer. His mother should have spilled the beans to him because now Jackson is going to be mad at this mother for not telling him. In addition, I hate that Richard thinks Catherine is cheating on him. It annoys me, but at the same time it breaks my heart because once he finds out she has cancer he's going to hate himself for thinking otherwise.

A lot happened in this fall finale, I could go on and on about it, but I have two other shows to write about! So, I'll leave it on a positive note. How cute were Mr. & Mrs. Karev staying in during the Seattle Storm 😍 #relationshipgoals.


Station 19

I was pleasantly surprised by Station 19's fall finale. I didn't think I was going to love it has much as I did. The Seattle Storm is still happening. But, the finale starts off happy with everyone from the station prepping food for Friendsgiving. When they get called into the station, that's when things start to hit the fan.

They put their Friendsgiving on hold to save lives. I love the Herrera and Sullivan attended a call together. I kind of ship Herrera and Sullivan in a relationship. I say this because I love the fact that he is opening up to her. The accident was the same accident that Sullivan has experienced when his wife died - so it hit close to home for him.

The rest of the team are on a call at a family house where the husband is stuck in his car with a car shed on top. All was going well until the house started to go on FIRE...was not expecting that. The wife and kids made it out of the house in time. But, the husband's mother was still in the house. At this point, I am so certain she is dead. Warren goes back into the house to save her and I thought he was going to die because things haven't been great for him after Bailey told him she needed a break from their marriage (still a STUPID decision). When Warren had no exit, I was getting anxiety. I didn't want him to die.

Thankfully, they both made it out of the house alive and my heartbeat slowed down (LOL some may say dramatic, but I say dedicated).

The ending blew my mind, however, maybe it was expected. Once Herrera and Sullivan get the patient into the aid car, safe and stable. The protocol was to wait for someone to come to them because the winds were picking up. Both being impatient, didn't want to wait and wanted to get the patient to the nearest hospital - which I don't blame them. They decided to make the decision to drive to the hospital when the aid car started to move ON ITS OWN. So so Crazy!!

Next we pan to skid marks on the road, a broken railing, and an aid car down the hill, smoking. I'M DEAD. That's literally how it ended. Is Sullivan, Herrera and the patient alive or dead??

This season finale of Station 19 was so good. If you haven't watched it yet then you should. I have nothing left to say.

*mic drop*


How To Get Away With Murder

We finally found out who died at the wedding! Were you shocked or did you expect it would be Miller, Bonnie's boyfriend?? I always thought it was going to be him in the back of my mind. & that's good because I never liked him.

When Nate found out that Miller ordered the hit on his father, it was over before it even started. Although, we don't really know if he actually was guilty. The evidence speaks for itself. Right?? Evidence never lies. Or does it? You never know with HTGAWM.

Nate really beat the crap out of him though. His face was gross. I do like how Bonnie also got her hands dirty. It's crazy because we've never seen Nate have blood on his hands before. There is a first time for everything, I guess. This didn't change my feelings for Nate - he's still my favorite.

OMG. Can we talk about Oliver's adorable serenade to Connor?? He sang "All of Me" by John Legend and it was beautiful. I wish someone would sing a song for me. Seeing Connor cry warmed my heart and even made me tear a little bit. I love Connor and Oliver!! I'm so happy they are married. Finally.

Surprisingly this fall finale of HTGAWM answered most of my questions, which is shocking because it usually never does.


We all know Gabriel walked in here with something to hide and we were dying to found out who the hell he was. Never once did it cross my mind that it would be Sam's child with his mistress. WTF. Who expected that?? Not me.

I don't like the creepy side that we saw of him. How he stole Annalise's keys and was waiting for her to get home...what a slick monster. What does he want?? Does he want revenge?? Is he going to kill Annalise?? Does he want to know what happened to his father?? All these questions are taunting me. Once my old questions are answered, I always end up with new ones.

Best fall finale of HTGAWM - hands down. I can't wait for the season to continue next year!

xo Deirdre

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