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old english bulldogs and allergies?!

if you guys didn’t know, i have a 4 year old bulldog. he’s cute or whatever…but he is a trouble-maker.

all the bad things he’s done can be in another post. i could write a book—honestly.

moving on…

one day i noticed that his ear was super red and that usually happens when he has an ear infection, (which he’s gotten multiple times this year).

my boyfriend and i take him to his vet, only to find out that he just has allergies and is now taking allergy medicine…

what the—

what could he even possibly be allergic to?? the weather?? his vet said it’s normal around this time of year.

that’s not the best part of this story though. wait to you read this…

i literally can’t make this shit up.

the allergy medicine that he is on increases his thirst and urination.

the other night, i guess he really had to pee because of the medicine, so he decided to pop a squat on the carpet and pee. and it was a lot…like a fucking lot. you’d think we never took him out to use the bathroom.

and while he is peeing on the carpet, he’s staring at my boyfriend and i because he knows he is doing something wrong.

i. was. so. pissed. 🤬

i love my bulldog dearly, but really dude. you couldn’t pee on the hardwood floor??



shit happens.

xo deirdre

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