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pov: i’ve missed writing on here.

there is really no excuse for why i’ve been gone. i could give you a bunch of reasons, but it will always come back to the truth:

i lost my love for writing.

it’s so crazy when you lose something you are passionate about and it scared me because i didn’t know if i was going to get it back.

i was in a funk with writing my book and making content for you guys that i just didn’t want to do it anymore.

so, i gave it up.

my dream.

my passion.

my everything.

and for what? to keep my 8 to 3 teaching job when i know it’s not what i am truly meant to do?

i was lost. so so lost.

i thought i failed because my blog wasn‘t a big success or because i wasn’t able to get a job in the communication or journalism field.

but then i realized, how could i have been successful when i didn’t even try?

i didn’t promote my blog as much as i should of.

i didn’t promote my book as much as i should of.

i stopped looking for jobs in my field because of rejection.

and i just gave up on me. because i thought i couldn’t do it.

what i didn’t realize was, if i don’t believe in myself then how is someone else going to believe in me?

if writing was truly my dream, my passion, then why did i give it up?

failure to succeed.

i want to prove to myself and to you all that i can do this and i will.

i am going to pick up my confidence off the cold, hard, ground and i am going to show the communication, journalism field what they’ve been missing.

and i am going to finish my romance novel.

because this is what i am truly destined to do in this world.

i can do this.

xo deirdre 🤍

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