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Sierra Burgess is A Loser | Movie Review #9

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I feel like this is not your typical romantic comedy, which is why I love it so much. Plus, Noah Centineo stars in it so...need I say more?

Sierra Burgess is A Loser came out in 2018 and I can't believe it's been that long! This movie is the modern retelling of the Cyrano de Bergerac story. If you don't know what that story is about, don't worry I got you.

Cyrano de Bergerac is a french film. It is about a solider (Cyrano de Bergerac) who is also a poet and he falls in love with a woman (Roxanne). However, his insecurities of his big nose took over and he couldn't confess his love to her.

A cadet (Christian) falls for Roxanne and asked Cyrano for his help to share his feelings to her. Cyrano writes love letters to Roxanne, but signed them with Christian's name. She fell in love with Cyrano's words, but didn't realize it. Christian and Roxanne get married and Cyrano is forced to keep the other man's secret.

Interesting, right?

It's kind of sad too. Christian should feel guilty that he didn't write any of those love letters. I haven't watched the film, so I don't know how it ends. But, I will say...I'm intrigued.

Back to Sierra Burgess Is A Loser. This movie is a case of mistaken identity. Sierra is not the most popular girl in school. So, she is surprised when her high school crush, Jamey (Noah Centineo) texts her phone. He obviously thinks she is someone else. Veronica (Kristine Froseth) to be exact, the most popular girl in school.

Sierra (Shannon Purser) is terrified that she has to live up to Veronica's looks because she will never look like that. But, Jamey is falling in love with her words. Sound familiar?

When is it the right time to tell someone you are not who they think you are? I don't think there's ever a right time. So, Sierra enlists some help. She knows that Veronica is failing all of her classes.

Sierra offers to tutor her on one condition, Veronica has to help Sierra protect her lie from Jamey.

In the process, Sierra and Veronica become pretty close friends and it is a beautiful dynamic to see on screen.

I know what question you all have. Does Jamey ever find out the Sierra is pretending to be Veronica?



Jamey does find out that he was, in fact, not speaking to Veronica. How did he find out? Well, when he was playing football, he got injured and Sierra ran over to him to make sure he was okay and he recognized her voice, but with a different appearance.


Does Jamey accept Sierra for who she is or does he leave her like their relationship meant nothing to him?

You are going to have to watch the movie to find that out! Can't give away all the scenes, now can I?

Watch Sierra Burgess Is A Loser on Netflix today!

xo Deirdre

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