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starting over

how do you feel about starting over? does it scare you? because it terrifies me. i hate that i am starting on this new journey when i was so comfortable with the old one that i was on.

but it just goes to show you that life never wants you to get too comfortable. i want to believe that things happen for a reason, i do. but i can’t help but think…why did this happen to me?

every time i think about starting over, i want to cry.

you may think i am being dramatic and maybe i am. but i really connected with people where i was. what if that doesn‘t happen where i am going? if i don’t connect with anyone…will i be miserable?

i can’t help but think that i am making a mistake…one that i am already regretting. and what does that say about the new journey that i am suppose to be on? is it doomed for failure? i’d like to hope not and i know i shouldn’t think this way. but…i can’t help it.

i was so comfortable where i was.

but i also can’t help but think that was the problem…

i was too comfortable.

xo deirdre

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