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Thank God It's Thursday!

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Grey's Anatomy

I know what you all are thinking - Deirdre it is not Thursday. However, I think it will be easier to combine all the TGIT recaps together in one post. I hope that is okay with everyone reading.

We can start with Grey's Anatomy. I loved that this episode was revolved around the dead. If ya'll don't know it is a Mexican holiday called el día de los muertos. It was sad to see all of my favorite characters who have died on the show! RIP McDreamy - still not over it (just saying).

OH. I am not okay with Teddy STILL not telling Owen that she is pregnant with his child. She needs to hurry up and spill the beans. I'm getting frustrated. Aren't you guys? & I am over Karev being the chief at Grey Sloan Memorial. Somebody else needs to step in.

You know what I loved from this episode? It looks like Meredith is going to give the new ortho doctor, Link, a chance to get to know her. I think they would be cute together!! After all, this is the season of love ❤️.


Station 19

The Station 19 episode was a tear jerker last week, wasn't it?? But, it was so good! I loved getting flashback scenes into Captain Sullivan's life. I had no idea that his wife died or that he even had a wife. That accident was horrible. No wonder he is such a hard ass and doesn't open up to the rest of his co-workers. But, I did feel bad for him.

I feel like he should try to get to know everyone at his station, instead of always having a stick up his ass.

The accident of Sullivan's wife was not even the biggest storyline of the episode. WHY THE HECK DID BAILEY WANT TO TAKE A BREAK FROM HER MARRIAGE? UGH. Ben was so upset!! All he wanted to do was spend the entire day with her on his day off. I love Ben Warren.

To be honest, I don't think this decision is going to help her lower her heart rate. What do you guys think?? Do you think it will help??

Oh my god!! What do you think about Victoria Hughes sleeping with the fire chief? It was not shocking because the show hinted a their connection, but I still can't believe it actually happened. Does that make sense?

Anyway, that's enough chatting about our favorite fire station. Who wants to talk about HTGAWM??


How To Get Away With Murder

How To Get Away With Murder - I don't even know where to start. All I've got to say is I am pissed about how it ended!

How could they kill Nate's dad?? I don't understand! I was excited for him to get out of prison because he was going to live with Nate. My heart goes out to Nate. I feel so bad. Part of me wants to believe that Nate's dad isn't dead. But, who knows.

I always say, "expect the unexpected" when watching HTGAWM because every scene is jaw-dropping (shocker). Be careful not to blink or you'll miss something important...

I was also mad that Annalise took the job with the governor. I know it was because she wanted to help Nate's dad. But, how did she not know that she was getting played? Annalise is usually a pro at smelling bullshit.

On that note, Bonnie's past is getting crazy! And her sister?? I'm getting a weird vibe from her. I don't know. Do you guys trust her? She has a daughter, so she has to be trustworthy, right?

Ugh I have so many questions! My last comment for this HTGAWM recap is:


xo Deirdre

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