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The Good Doctor - Season 2, Episode 9 & 10 Recaps

Updated: May 6, 2020

Episode 9: Empathy

Our favorite surgeon, Dr. Shaun Murphy, learns a lesson about empathy. I swear, The Good Doctor always surprises me.

I love the scene where he is learning how to drive. I know it is hard to show empathy when you have autism, but this episode taught me that someone with this condition can learn - in their own way.

The only way that Shaun was able to learn how to drive was to connect medical vocabulary to driving. It was beautiful to watch.

I know that Shaun can't help it, but I love that he says whatever is on his mind. My favorite line from this episode was:

"I have autism which makes empathy very difficult. Does that mean I can't be a good doctor?"

What do you think?? Do you think you need empathy to become a good doctor?? I think it depends. Sometimes it is good to empathize with your patients. Other times it could hurt.

The whole lesson of empathy occurred when a patient came in for a different medical reason, but he wanted the doctor's to fix his forehead because there was a huge dent in it. Murphy, Lim, and Park went back and forth, trying to decide if they should fix their patient's forehead - whether it would be the right decision. It always came back that the procedure would be too expensive and wasn't medically necessary.

I think Shaun learned the importance of empathy when he found a way to fix his patient's forehead without any extra costs (a breast implant...super clever). Well done, Murphy!!

I'd like to add that Shaun might be a better driver than me. LOL. Can we talk about the winter finale now?? It was amazing.


Episode 10: Quarantine

The winter finale of The Good Doctor was crazy!! First, I would like to say that I ship Dr. Lim and Dr. Melendez together. They would make a cute couple. I can't believe they hooked up.

The virus spreading in the air in the winter finale is so scary! Three people already died and now Dr. Lim is infected?? Do you think she is going to make it??

In this episode we got to see Dr. Reznick open up to the EMT who was infected with the virus. I loved seeing that side of her. I felt so bad for her when he didn't make it. I can't imagine how Melendez is going to feel if Dr. Lim doesn't make it. UGH.

The ER is under quarantine which means nobody can leave and of course there are so many people trapped - even a pregnant woman *shocked face*. I really hope she doesn't get infected. My heart will hurt if she does.

Oh my gosh, I forgot that Dr. Park's son is stuck in the quarantine too! They need to stop this airborne virus from spreading. ASAP.

I did not like the ending of The Good Doctor. Yes, Shaun falls on the floor covering his ears, but I found myself saying, "that's it?" I thought I was going to be wowed more than I was.

One burning question left before I end this recap: why the hell was that light buzzing and why was Shaun the only person who could hear it??

xo Deirdre

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