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The Greatest Fall Show on Television Right Now: A Million Little Things

Have you guys seen this show?? If you haven't then you are missing out! This is probably one of the best new shows that premiered this year. There are so many twists that you'll never know what to expect.

This show reminds me a lot of This is Us. The difference is A Million Little Things is a group of friends, not a family. This show premiered in the September and instantly became a fan-favorite.

You know what makes this show so amazing?? How relatable it is. You look at the group of friends in the show and then you look at yours - you can easily realize that every single person in your friend group has issues that they are dealing with. You never know what people are going through. They could have a perfect life on the outside, but could be dying on the inside.

Are you intrigued?? Do you want to know what the show is about?? Okay, okay. I'll tell you. You can stop begging now (LOL).

The show A Million Little Things is about a group of friends from Boston who bonded over unexpected news. Some have been struggling with their relationships while others have been struggling with their careers - they all feel stuck in life because of the decisions that they made. When they lose one of their own, it forces everyone in the group to start living and not to take life for granted. The group of friends will face consequences and will overcome certain tasks but in the end they will ALL realize that their friendship is the only thing that can save them from themselves.

It truly is an amazing show that deserves an Emmy. During every episode I shed a tear or I start to ugly cry because it is packed with some much raw emotion and pain that you start to feel what each character is going through.

Congratulations to D.J. Nash for creating a show that I'm sure will be on television for a very long time and I don't think an Emmy is that far behind!

The show is on a break, but when it comes back next week (November 28 @ 10 PM), I will start to write recaps of it. But, now is your chance to get caught up! You can watch it on or On Demand.

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