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The Kindle Oasis

Hey y'all!

I was reading so much on my kindle paperwhite that I just had to upgrade to a newer and better version.

Photo by: Deirdre St. John

My Kindle Oasis is amazing. It has a 7" display, champagne gold with a flush front. If you read a lot I recommend getting a kindle and purchasing kindle unlimited to get free access to a bunch of books. It is only $10 a month.

I also got the ad-supported version because I love to see all the various books that are recommended.

Here is the link to the Kindle Oasis that I purchased.

Photo by: Deirdre St. John

Click here for the link to the case that I bought for my new kindle. It is so cute!

Oh, how could I forget? What I loved about the Kindle Oasis is the page turner buttons on the side. THEY ARE AMAZING. That's what really sold me.

I will definitely keep y'all updated on the books that I've been reading. I have so many to write about.

If you are interested or want a sneak peek of what books I'll be reviewing, check out my books highlight tab on my Instagram!

I will write to you guys soon :-).

xo Deirdre

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