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The Lion King Live Action Trailer

With over 40 million views and trending at #11 on YouTube, I have to say this is the best live action movie that we are getting in 2019!! I mean...come on, did you see that trailer?? I am so excited.

I am a HUGE Disney fan, so when this trailer came out I almost cried. What I am not looking forward to in this movie is watching Mufasa die all over again. Ugh. I hate that part.

I found a breakdown of the cast in The Lion King, if you are interested. You know for sure, I'll be watching it.

There are so many known actors in this movie, such as Seth Rogen, Donald Glover and Beyoncé (love her!!).

The Lion King comes out in the summer of 2019 - so far away, but not really because we are almost in the new year.

xo Deirdre

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